Luxury candlemaker with a social scent

Luxury candlemaker with a social scent

Behind the Flame: An Insightful Q&A on Worthy Wax’s Journey with Northern Insight Magazine.

Decorative and fragrant candles have become must-haves for many homes. When Charlotte Gibbons set up Worthy Wax to meet the growing demand for luxury, scented candles she wanted to add another ingredient to the mix.

How did the Worthy Wax story begin?

Our journey began in our family kitchen, with two little ones running around. Amidst the lockdown, the world seemed to stand still and we found ourselves seeking creativity.

What started as a simple idea rooted in a love for candle making and a desire to make a positive impact on our local community evolved into something extraordinary. Initially selling to friends and family, our hand-poured candles gained rapid popularity. Within a few months, we were able to make our first substantial donation to the Gateshead food bank, and that’s when we realised the potential of our venture.

Two years and countless candles later, we take pride in creating not just beautiful candles, but ones that can stand alongside the best in the market. More importantly, our candles serve a greater purpose by giving back to the community. At least 10% of profits will continue to be donated to Trussell Trust food banks.

Where does the name Worthy Wax come from?

The inspiration stemmed from a friend’s comment on how our candle crafting contributed to a noble cause. We were drawn to this idea and the philosophy behind establishing a luxury brand, leading to the inception of Worthy Wax. Our emphasis lies on crafting premium products. Considerable effort has been invested in perfecting the various components, ranging from the use of all-natural soy wax and selecting the appropriate wicks, to crafting handmade ceramic jars and choosing the scents.

What’s the product range?

Our collection features 12 signature scents crafted with the finest fragrance blends, housed in a bespoke handmade ceramic jar with soy wax and a cotton wick. You can choose between two sizes: the Classic, offering an estimated burn time of 60 hours and ideal for most rooms in your home, and the Large, designed as a luxurious and oversized centrepiece specifically for your coffee table, boasting around 120 hours of burn time.

How did you develop your fragrances?

Developing our fragrances was the fun bit! We wanted to develop a collection that had something for everyone. Layering fragrance to create our own signature scents was essential to achieve a strong, long lasting aroma.

How do you see the candle sector and business developing?

Despite the competitive nature of the candle market, the potential for growth and innovation remains vast. Today’s consumers seek not just candles, but experiences. The luxury candle market is rapidly expanding, especially with an emphasis on distinctive designs and superior fragrances, making them ideal gifts. Beyond the consumer sphere, there’s potential in niche markets such as events, weddings, and spas.

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our collection: scented wax melts. We are also considering introducing refills for our ceramic jars. Numerous other concepts are under way, with plans for development over the next year or two. We’ve recently established our first studio workshop here in Newcastle upon Tyne, marking a significant step forward in our journey.

How can readers shop and buy your candles?

Our full collection is available through our website, offering delivery services throughout the UK. As we grow, we anticipate selling our products in boutique stores nationwide.

How do you relax?

Running a business takes up a lot of time, and Worthy Wax is no different. But honestly, I love it. Experimenting with scents and refining our products is surprisingly relaxing for me. Still, I do make sure to carve out moments for family and friends. There’s also something about getting stuck into home projects and a bit of DIY that I find really satisfying and calming.